EU Code Week Challenges

What are the EU Code Week Challenges?

As you may recall, Challenges are curated activities that everybody can do on their own, in the classroom, with colleagues or friends. They are easy to implement and to tailor to everyone’s own context, and may inspire all to engage in Coding activities.

You will find all 18 EU Code Week Challenges for 2021, designed by EU Code Week team, ambassadors and industry partners, at this link:

How can you help with these?

We will start communicating on the Challenges in the next few days and regularly over the next weeks.

Our goal is to encourage Teachers and the whole Community to pick Challenges from now on, to have time to adapt them to their class level and context, and organise the activities during Code Week.

Two specificities that you might want to know about:

-          We want to encourage participants to take on the most Challenges as possible during Code Week, hence creating a bingo card to “catch them all”.

-          We also want participants to post their results on social media to make the challenges go viral. Participants will then get a chance of winning Code Week goodies every day during Code Week.

Do not hesitate to spread the word, to encourage your network, and all teachers and community to participate in the EU Code Week Challenges.

To help you do this, you will find at this link on Teams the EU Code Week Challenges promotional kit, containing illustrations (including the Bingo Card), messages and guidelines to help you spread the word.

Please also feel free to share with us any story, picture, video or activity that might inspire other members of the Community during Code Week and that we could share on our social media and blog!