Digital and ICT-based competencies for all students

Didactical useful integration of digital media for all subjects

eEducation Austria

Digital competencies for all

Digital media is changing our world to an extent that last took place during the invention of printing. Up-to-date educational and working processes are not thinkable without using digital technologies - digital competencies are therefore essential to our whole society.

Primary goal of the initiative eEducation Austria of the Federal Ministry of Education is to advance digital and ICT-based competencies throughout all schools in Austria - starting from Primary schools to Upper Secondary - digital education for all!

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eEducation Austria member.schools

Gaining broadness

All schools which were previously involved in one of the elearning-networks in Austria (depending on the type of school) are given a head start as an These schools are asked to transfer their know-how to new schools that have just started on the way towards their organisational development of digital competencies.

The entry level into the network is the member status. For this only a commitment of school administration is necessary. The school has to have an interest in conveying digital and informatical competences and start a school development process. They are supported by one or more expert schools.

Application for membership with

Application for membership with naming the responsible person for eEducation in the school.

Development of digital concept for the school

Development of a digital eEducation school concept together with an

Documentation of activities to implement eEducation strategy in school

Activities to implement the eEducation strategy in school and document these referring to the eEducation badges system



More than 1500 have already applied for a membership in the network - a sensational development!



745 schools have qualified themselves as expert.schools by earning badges documenting their excel in the implementation of digital media in classroom work. Over 8000 activities were documented with


e-didactical scenarios

Almost 700 eTapas, small e-didactical scenarios can already be accessed. Dedicated teaches have contributed them in this OER-based pool.


classes in Austria

In the school-year 2014/15 1.129.046 students were enrolled in 55.366 school classes throughout Austria. eEducations' goal is to reach them with pedagogical concepts that are enhanced using digital media.

"eTapas" are small digital niblets that can be used uncomplicated in individual classroom work.

COMET - COMetence grid Entry Tool

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